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State of the Board 4th Annual Report

N.C.G.S. § 88A-6. Powers and duties of the Board

(6) To maintain a record of all proceedings and make available to persons licensed under this Chapter, and to other concerned parties, an annual report of all Board action.

Ronda Jones, Chairman, presented the 4th Annual Report as required by § 88A-6 to the NCBEE. The Annual Report summarizes the events and decisions of fiscal year 2016-2017.

State of the Board

July 20, 2019

Ronda Jones, Chairman

Meetings are no longer as burdensome, due to the advent of Free Conference Call. I credit Cheryl Delaney with embracing this technology. Now, we are required to only two face to face meetings per year. Additionally, practitioners in and out of the state can be engaged without leaving home. Most importantly, it has helped keep the Board business more current and effective. Another perk is recordings can be done simultaneously with Free Conference Call freeing up the need to someone to record.

Testing has evolved. We can now send potential practitioners to sites across the state to take the written exam. This can be done all year and eliminates board members from giving their valuable time driving to the Board office spending an entire day twice a year, February when weather can be treacherous and September when trying to get kids settled in school. Our clinical's are now given by a combination of board members, and former board members at a clinic set up nearest to the testers and student as possible anytime of the year once the written test is passed. This lessens the lapse between school and licensure, thus, assisting new practitioners in opening their business months sooner, as well as, growing our profession quicker.

During my tenure legal cost have been reduced. Meetings have been conducted in a professional manner with integrity and fairness. There has been no turn-over with resignations in five years. No ethics cases in five years. In almost a decade we have achieved retaining a dedicated doctor. Rules have been updated twice. The website has been upgraded with Margaret Wingate serving as webmaster. Her efforts on the site continue to give our board a more professional presentation. We have retained the best administrator we have ever had for over a decade. Susan is knowledgeable and a really does the work of an executive director without the pay.

My regret is that the merger did not happen despite all efforts to assist the state in its endeavor to consolidate the board with a similar board. I’ll close by simply thanking all that have and are serving for the betterment of our profession.

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