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Official News Release: Urgent ACTION is Required

Official News Release!

Your URGENT Action Required

The NCBEE is releasing this official news release to all pracitioners to notify you of the possibility of pending legislation that could eliminate the state licensing authority. We are asking for your participation in helping to preserve our license in the state of North Carolina.


The NCBEE has approved the following 3 documents for distribution to practitioners.

Follow these steps:

  1. Read Factual Background News Release for information and directions

  2. Download Client Petition

  3. Download Letter to Representative Template letter

  4. Download JLAPOC Contact List

It is up to practitioners and consumers to advocate for saving licensure in North Carolina. The actions YOU take now will determine the fate of the NCBEE.

We are asking you to use the JLAPOC Contact list and locate your county representatives. Urgently contact your representative to advise them of the importance of maintaining licensing authority. Also, ask your clients to sign the Petition and send the Petition (and Letter to Representative) to your legislator.

We will keep you updated on any actions that affect the NCBEE. If you have questions, please direct them to the NCBEE office at the contact details listed below.

Ronda R. Jones, LE



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