The North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners (NCBEE) is responsible for licensing all electrolysis and laser hair reduction practitioners in the state. 


The NCBEE Mission Statement

  • Educate the citizens of North Carolina through public awareness information.

  • Protect consumer's interest with respect and regard to choice and differences of hair removal through mandatory continuing education, inspection of each office and each practitioner.

  • Ensure credentials meet standards of competency without misrepresentation of status and working with associated Boards as Rules apply.  


Margaret Wingate, LE


Dr. Summit Kundaria



Charlene Poole, LE CPE

Owner and operator of Beauty Skin Deep, which is an expansion and diversification of Electrolysis by Margaret, Inc. Previously served on NCBEE 2006-2012. Has over 39 years of national and state experience in the profession. 




4724 Park Rd Ste C

Charlotte, NC 28209

Appointed: 2019

Term expires: 2022

  Dr. Kundaria holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Stanford University, a MD from University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, completed his Fellowship at Mittelman Plastic Surgery Center in Los Altos, CA and is a Board Certified Otolaryngologist. He has a private practice at Nuance Facial Plastics PLLC in Charlotte, NC.


309 S Sharon Amity Rd

Ste 202

Charlotte, NC 28211

Appointed: 2017

Term Expires: 2020

Charlene is the Owner/Operator of the Porch Swing Spa located in Charlotte, NC. Graduate of Eleanor Roberts Electrolysis Institute in Boston, MA. Earned Certified Professional Electrolysis (CPE) credential in 1995. She has over 31 years of experience in the field.




 1515 Mockingbird Lane # 803

Charlotte, NC 28209


Appointed: 2018

Term Expires: 2021

Jennifer Morris, LE LLP

Board Member

700 Military Cutoff Road

Unit 1B

Wilmington, NC 28405

Re-Appointed: 2020

Term Expires: 2021

Ashley McCullough

Public Member

Ashley is currently the Laboratory and Projects Manager for a National Consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC. Previously she served as a Quality Control Manager for a private company and served many years as the NCDOT Pavements Construction Specialist for the Eastern third of NC. 

Ms. McCullough is also a decorated combat veteran and served 10 years of active service in the United States Marine Corps. Ashley has been involved in various research projects and boards over the last 25 years. 

Appointed: 2018

Term expires: 2021

Susan G. Magas

             Administrative Assistant

Susan is a graduate of UNC-G with a B.S. in Business Administration. She retired from the Internal Revenue Service after 33 years service in various capacities including auditor, revenue agent, and management official.

Susan has served as the Board's Administrative Assistant since 2007 and resides in Greensboro.


2 Centerview Drive Suite 60
Greensboro, NC 27407



As defined by NCGS § 88A-6. Powers and duties of the Board


The Board shall have the following general powers and duties:

  1. To administer and interpret this Chapter;

  2. To adopt rules in the manner prescribed by Chapter 150B of the General Statutes as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Chapter;

  3. To determine the qualifications of persons who are licensed or certified pursuant to this Chapter;

  4. To issue, renew, deny, restrict, suspend, or revoke licenses and to carry out any of the other actions authorized by this Chapter;

  5. To establish, publish, and enforce rules of professional conduct, and to regulate advertising by licensees;

  6. To maintain a record of all proceedings and make available to persons licensed under this Chapter, and to other concerned parties, an annual report of all Board action;

  7. To collect fees for licensure, licensure renewal, and other services deemed necessary to carry out the purpose of this Chapter;

  8. To employ and fix the compensation of personnel, including an executive director, that the Board determines are necessary to carry out the provisions of this Chapter and to incur other expenses necessary to effectuate this Chapter;

  9. To conduct investigations for the purpose of determining whether violations of this Chapter or grounds for disciplining persons licensed or certified under this Chapter exist; and,

  10. To adopt a seal containing the name of the Board for use on all certificates, licenses, and official reports issued by it. (1989 (Reg. Sess., 1990), c. 1033.)


The North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners (NCBEE) is responsible for the oversight and licensing of electrologists and laser hair reduction practitioners in the state of North Carolina.


Licenses are renewed annually on two schedules. Each licensee is inspected and must also demonstrate the completion of certified continuing education credits at the time of license renewal. Documentation of 10 hours of pre-approved continuing education (1.0 CEU) must be submitted for proof of license renewal and accompanied by appropriate fees. While a portion of CEUs may be obtained via Home Studies, licensees are encouraged to obtain "hands-on" or interactive training via seminars offered by practitioner associations. All documentation is reviewed by the License Renewal Chairman after which a renewal license is issued to each practitioner.


The Board is also responsible for testing and certifying new applicants for a license as new electrologists, laser hair reduction practitioners, and/or instructors. A process for reciprocity is available to practitioners relocating to North Carolina from a licensed state with at least 600 hrs of training. Every practitioner at every location where the practice is maintained must be inspected annually.


Senate Bill 489 was passed and became effective in 2007. The Bill amended NCGS Chapter 88A to include laser hair removal. Subsequently, Rules 21 NCAC 19 were amended September 1, 2010 to include laser epilation and fee changes. (21 NCAC 19 first became effective January 1, 1992). 


This legislation allows laser and light based hair removal practitioners to be licensed under the Board's authority as a licensee without direct supervision of a physician; however, the practitioner must have a sponsoring physician licensed by the NC Medical Board. 


Section .0400 regarding infection control became effective December 1, 2010.  It is the ambition of the Board to encourage educational facilities to be in compliance with the law.


The hair removal community is still in need of a licensed school in the state. Although electrology schools exist in other states, future practitioners would benefit from in-state access to training and education. 


In our efforts to embrace technology and the digital age, the NCBEE has taken steps to improve access and ease of use by updating to a user-friendly website platform, developing fillable PDF forms for all applications, and drafting a plan to disseminate important information quickly. 



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